The Guthrie Theatre was built in 1926 as a space for vaudeville performances.  As the popularity of silent pictures grew, the Queen of Broad Street responded by installing a large square white plaster screen on the back of the stage and started to run silent films between shows. From there, it grew into a full-time movie house, opening on August 1, 1927. Over the decades, the Guthrie has changed hands several times, but has never lost its historic art deco charm, nor its commitment to entertaining her neighbors. The Guthrie Theatre is located in the heart of a small town, Grove City, PA, right at the edge of Grove City College.


Many new improvements and cutting edge technology in development. Check back for more updates coming soon!


We are in the process of creating a History of the Guthrie book. If you have a story or special memory to include please submit here!



Movies used to be the place where society connected. We want to bring our cinemas back at the forefront of culture. 


Veritas Theaters wants to celebrate filmmakers with Truth & Beauty. We do that by showcasing the very best artists and storytellers from all over the world. 

Inquire at VeritasArts.org to learn more. 

The Guthrie Theatre, 232 S. Broad St. Grove City, Pa 16127

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